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In a previous blog post, I promised to publish the content of my upcoming book on this blog as and when it is ready. Today, I am happy to share with you the first piece: the index.

So what do you think? Is there anything not covered that you would like me to talk about?

Chapter 1

Introduction to Spain and Barcelona

  1. Intro to Spain and architecture history

  2. Barcelona - A vigorous city (an overall guide of Barcelona, including history, climate, demography, culture, daily routine …etc)

  3. Architecture in Barcelona (From an architect’s point of view, what is so unique about Spain and Catalonia buildings. Typical long houses with patio, mini lifts… etc)

Chapter 2

Investing in Barcelona

  1. A general idea of why Barcelona is a perfect place for real estate investment (from economic crisis to gradual recovery)

  2. Investing in Spain, a great opportunity (2008 Recession, yields and market growth).

  3. Golden visa scheme

  4. Possible Catalonian independence and its expected effect on house prises

  5. How to overcome the language barrier?

Chapter 3

Buying a property

  1. Who are the big players of real estate in Barcelona (agencies, websites etc…)

  2. Different types of properties (on-plan sales, new builds, individual-sellers, bank repossessions, offices, shops, buildings etc…)

  3. Advantages of buying as a company VS individual?

  4. The buying process (Negotiations, deposit, payment terms, agents, notary, lawyer for official documents etc…)

  5. Financing with a Spanish mortgage - Mortgage types and current rates - Requirements (Residents VS non-resident, how to etc…) - The mortgage process: How to apply for a mortgage, tasacion etc… - What happens when you fail to pay for a mortgages.

  6. Overseas mortgage (Currency fluctuation, rates etc…)

  7. Property taxes (Residents VS non-residents, IVA, stamp duty, council tax etc…)

  8. Strategies (Flipping with a company, buy to sale, buy to let, etc…)

Chapter 4

Selling a property

  1. Process (papers needed, finding a buyer, negociate, notary, payment, taxes etc…)

  2. Agencies (fees, exclusivity, etc…)

  3. Sell it yourself (Advertisement fees, visits etc..)

  4. Negociations

  5. Taxes

Chapter 5

Renting a property

  1. Short term rental: - Regulation of short term rental in Barcelona and Spain (tourist licence, risks of illegal short term rental, revenue and agency fees)

  2. Monthly rental (Pros and cons, Revenue and agency fees)

  3. Long term rental - Finding a tenant - Furnished or non-furnished - Renting through an agent - Landlord and tenant obligations (deposits, contract terms, “return it as you found it” etc…) - Dealing with conflicts

Chapter 6

Refurbishment and new build

  1. How to build or refurbish your property within local conservation guidelines

  2. Restoring a flat’s historical features

  3. Finding a good architect and construction team (communication, recovering and resolving problems)

  4. Change of use (Converting from office to residential, why and what are the guidelines)

  5. Avoiding legal pitfalls (Illegal construction and lawsuit, how to get along with your neighbour)

Chapter 7

Case studies

From student accommodation, refurbishing flats to renovating buildings.

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